Dr. Eve, Zombie Killer: Part 1

Dr. Eve, Zombie Killer: Part 1

By M. White

A story about zombies, ghouls, and more.

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This book is serialized. It may be purchased in three individual parts at $0.99 each, or $2.99 for the complete, bundled work when available.

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Tired of the same old zombie stories? Try a different twist on the repellant themes of decayed walking corpses eating the living. You won’t be disappointed. There are still decaying walking corpses eating things in this story, of course, both alive and dead. That’s a given. But there’s so much more with an added Pre-Apocolyptic spin.


Dr. Melanie Eve, a petite curvaceous blond who looked better suited for the cover of a men’s magazine than a white lab coat, was on her way to having everything. She had a medical practice, a fiancée, and, soon, she’d have a wedding ring. But fate saw it differently. Her world turned upside down when her fiancée mysteriously disappeared while they were vacationing in Jamaica. That’s when her other life began.

While searching for her lost love, she uncovers her own destiny: she is the Huntress. The Zombie Killer. The one destined to save mankind from the undead. Only she can prevent the emergence and dispatch the converted. Although schooled in the Art of Medicine, the Art of Killing came naturally.


Now, she sees the world differently.

She heals the sick by day, and slays zombies by night … and she’s an expert at both.



When you absolutely, positively, have to kill the dead. Again. Rely on the best. Dr. Eve uses only Zombie bullets, by Hornady. Make it part of your survival gear today!