My Sister’s Husband

My Sister’s Husband

By E. Budrich

A story about love, money, and revenge.

Price: $4.95

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A silver-tongued devil lives in the South. His name is Richard and he’s married to my sister.

Maria’s sister, Alicia, wanted three things in life: a prestigious career, control over her own destiny, and power over men’s hearts. A husband was not on the list. She used her brains, her wit, and her coy Southern charm to obtain what she desired. And obtain them she did. She had it all ... until she met Richard.

Alicia and Maria never got along, and Maria is torn when she suspects Richard is having an affair. She has no proof. Does she tell Alicia and risk damaging their fragile rapport? Or say nothing and betray her own sense of moral justice? Maria can’t be silent. She arrives to confront Alicia but the Valentine bomb has already hit: a dozen roses delivered to Alicia but addressed to Richard’s mistress. Alicia’s hurt and angry, and out for revenge. She turns to her iron-clad, post-nuptial agreement. Her financial weapon. Problem: it’s missing from the safe. She knows Richard took it.

Now Alicia must choose. Look the other way and stay? Divorce him and lose everything? Or delay, find her post-nup, and send him packing with nothing more than the shirt on his back? The choice is clear. She’ll have her pound of flesh -- her monetary revenge. Southern style.