GEIST – Early Release Edition

GEIST – Early Release Edition

By E. Budrich

A paranormal murder mystery.

Price: $4.95.

First Edition release, with extended art, available on Amazon now! Early Release Edition, with limited art, is still available here as PDF.



Dr. Rachel Schaller has three desires: to pass her Psychiatry Boards, to get the prestigious job she’s earned, and most of all, for the nightmares to end. Nightmares about a murder. Her murder. She’s certain they're a manifestation of her stress, but she’s reached her limit. Her husband agrees. He knows she’s on the edge. The dreams come every night. His solution: a trip to Europe after her exams. She loves old castles, so he arranges a getaway to Holzteinberg Castle, a Medieval moated fortress in the heart of Münsterland, Germany.

But Rachel’s nightmares worsen when she learns of the castle’s tainted past: Countess Katerina went mad in the castle and killed herself. Her body was never found. Rachel senses an odd connection to this tortured soul. The longer she remains, the stronger her bond becomes ...  flashes of memories that are not her own reveal the truth about Katerina’s demise. Rachel now knows her nightmares are glimpses of Katerina’s last hours, but why is she seeing them? Is she being haunted? Is she possessed? Is she the reincarnation of a murdered German aristocrat? Or, just plain nuts?

Rachel isn’t sure, but she must choose. If she ignores the truth and says nothing, her nightmares may never end. If she exposes the castle owner’s hidden ancestral disgrace, it will result in a fight and likely end her stay at the castle.

But, the choice is obvious. Her sanity is on the line. And Rachel must speak up … before she herself is silenced.