Sean Higgins - Dr. Eve: Art Contest B Winner
Media: Pen and Ink
Title: Dirty Laundry
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About Sean’s Art


Sean’s art evokes emotion and intrigue with detailed images. He tells a story with the stoke of his pen and description of his vision. He prefers to work in Pen and Ink or digital coloring on the computer, but he also produces works in pencil, colored pencil, watercolor, acrylic paint, charcoal, and mixed media.


Sean’s style varies depending what he’s illustrating. He enjoys a wacky, fun-like approach using electrifying colors and wacky characters with baseball-sized eyes, as well as darker imagery, through hatching combined with wild, loose strokes.


“I enjoy creating all kinds of subject matter but my favorite creations come from the darker side, such as the ‘Dirty Laundry’ zombie. I’m a huge horror movie fan and heavy metal buff, so a lot of my inspiration comes from these fascinations.” — Sean Higgins

  • Dirty Laundry - by SeanHiggins