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Dedication To A Friend:


Dedication to my friend Gwen: For those of you who have read My Sister’s Husband, you will understand – for those of you who haven’t read it, use your imagination, but I would like to thank my friend Gwen for inspiring the Chapter A Night Out on the Town and the character “Aunt LuLu”.

Everybody has an “Aunt LuLu”, everyone except me that is. Instead, I have an “Aunt Clarabelle”, actually two. And both with MONEY, which is even worse! Soooo … when you think you’ve had all the crap you can stand just remember one thing:  life could be worse- you could have 2 “Aunt Clarabelles” instead of one! — E. Budrich



Welcome to Labyrinth of Arts!

We hope you enjoy your visit. Feel free to look around and find what there is to discover.

E. Budrich has posted her latest book, our first offering. It is an entertaining read filled with catty female humor, and universal appeal.

M. White has posted his latest book as well. It is only available on this site. It’s a rollicking good time in the re-envisioned pre-apocalyptic world of zombies.

We’ve included some sample pics on the Fan Art and Graffiti Wall pages. These don’t necessarily all pertain to the currently available stories, but they might be related to future ones. Besides, it is our site, and we gave ourselves some latitude here.

Have fun!