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"Oh, I can tell you one thing, buddy, if you hadn't been at the birth of OUR first child, there wouldn't have been a second one!"
— Maria, from My Sister's Husband

"You must always keep tabs on your man, even when he's at home."
— Susanne

A man that won't look you in the eye; that raises a red flag in my book. Personally and professionally."
— Maria
“You just asked me for an explanation. I didn’t ask you to believe it.”
— Dr. Eve

“Wishing it were so won’t make what isn’t so.”
— Rothgar Hvorak

“If you’re a thug, and you attack someone on the street in Oklahoma, you’re likely to be shot. If you’re a thug, and you attack a red-neck on the street in Oklahoma you’ll be shot, then shot some more after the re-load.”
— Dr. Richard Hanes
"Men are accessories, not necessities."
— Alicia, from My Sister's Husband

“Let’s face it. She got the brains and the looks; all I got was big boobs and a sunny disposition, which soured with age and experience.”
— Maria

"Where was my vain, perfectly shallow, corporate-ladder-climbing big sister?"
— Maria
“Rednecks. They don’t just shoot to kill. They shoot to empty the gun.”
— Dr. Richard Hanes, from Dr. Eve, Zombie Killer

“Why’d you shoot him fourteen times, Earl?” Taggert asked “Dat’s all duh bullets I’z had.”
— Taggert and Earl

“I don't rent guns. I own them.”
— Dr. Eve
“Now, I’ve had a hard day. I’m hungry, tired, and my feet hurt, and I’m in a really bad mood! So don’t patronize me. Either help me or get out of my way!”
— Rachel, from GEIST

Everyone needs mental down time at some point in order to maintain their sanity… — Rachel

“You cry. Then you rest. Then you go on vith the rest of your life. That is vhat you do.” — Ada's advice, from GEIST
He couldn't read her. Hell, he couldn't read any woman. Not accurately, anyway. He'd given up trying a long time ago.
— Derek, from Dr. Eve, Zombie Killer

“A girl's got to do something for entertainment,” Dr. Eve answered.
“Playing with guns. Very nice. I approve,” Derek nodded.
— Derek & Dr. Eve

“Honesty. It's the best policy. Don't leave home without it.” — Derek
“Women who are built to be liked often don’t like the men who like them.”
— Momma Plunkitt

He was tall and wide. But wide in a good way. The width was in his shoulders, not his waist.
— from Dr. Eve, Zombie Killer

She wasn’t after a bikini body, or even a classically toned one. God simply hadn’t given her the right material to work with.
— from Dr. Eve, Zombie Killer
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